Many schools, mainly in rural and poor areas, still do not have the same resources and are not as well equipped as mainly urban schools. Therefore, learners graduating from these schools do not attain the same level of understanding and educational achievement as the ones that attend well resourced schools .

Aim of the Course

UNAM - Northern Campus in Oshakati is offering a programme to start students off on a science degree . The overall goal of establishing a Science Foundation Programme at UNAM is to increase the quantity and quality of qualified science and technology graduates for Namibia's growing economy. The Science Foundation Programme will therefore enable the country to have a larger pool of prospective students who are likely to graduate with a Bachelor of Science, Agriculture, Engineering or with Medical related degrees.

What does the programme consist of?

The Science Foundation Programme is not an upgrade for re-writing IGCSE subjects.

The Science Foundation Programme is an intensive full-time (35 hours teaching plus private study time), face-to-face programme, at UNAM Northern Campus. You will be admitted as a full-time UNAM student.

You will be supplied with programme materials and will have to complete assignments, tests and an end of year examination. The emphasis of the programme will be on developing practical skills and also your understanding of concepts in science and mathematics. You will be taught scientific writing and communication skills in English. Students will also undertake a careers and personal development module which includes life skills, careers counselling and Information Technology.

If you successfully complete the programme you will be able to enrol in the Faculties of Science, Agriculture, Education and Medical and Health Sciences.

Who is the program for? Are you :

  • intelligent,
  • motivated,
  • hard working,
  • organised,
  • committed to succeeding in science,
  • interested in doing a science degree,
  • prepared to follow a career in science,
  • prepared to improve your language skills?

Frequently asked Questions(Please click on each of the topics to get your answers):

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  • Accommodation
  • Can I use the facilities at the Northern Campus?

Contact us:
Elizabeth Ngololo
UNAM Northern Campus
P.O. Box 2654
Tel: (065) 2232265