In consultation with the relevant Ministries, all recently employed Magistrates, Police, Prison and Defence Forces Trial officers, Public Prosecutors, Police and Prison Prosecutors, Interpreters and Court Clerks shall be expected to attend an induction course. Courses of a minimum of one month’s duration will be offered to inductees in the Magistracy; Prisons and Correctional Services; and the Immigration Department.

The capacity building courses will take the form of continuous education programmes and will thus be offered annually to public servants whose duties have some connection with the law.  Courses will last between one week to 3 months depending on specified and or identified needs.   

Only those candidates in possession of an LL B degree or an approved degree supplemented by a bridging course will be eligible to enrol for the Legal Professional Training Programme.  The course shall similarly be of 9 months duration.

To register for the proposed non-degree Magistrates and Prosecutors courses, a candidate must hold a School Leaving Certificate with a minimum score to be determined by the JTC according to availability of places.  Both courses will last 9 months on a full time basis and will follow the University General Information and Regulations Prospectus.

Applicants seeking admission as mature students must satisfy entry qualifications as specified in the General Information and Regulations Prospectus and may be required, in addition, to attend interviews and/or tests designed to assess their suitability for admission to the programme.

In general, admission to all courses will be on merit and will depend on availability of places and resources.  The mere satisfaction of entrance requirements will therefore not guarantee admission to any of the various programmes.