Through the operation of the Legal Practitioners' Act of 1995, the Justice Training Centre presents the Legal Professional Training Course for all law graduates who wish to qualify for admission to practice law in Namibia.

The centre concurrently offers pre-service (induction) and in-service (capacity building) training courses for magistrates, interpreters, court clerks, police, defense, immigration, prison services and other law administrative and enforcement personnel.

Since 2001, the Justice Training Centre has also been the seat of a regional co-operation Post Graduate Diploma in Law (Conciliation and Arbitration) which is jointly conferred by the Universities of Namibia, Cape Town and Lesotho and is sponsored by the International Labour Organisation/Swiss Project. The Diploma is open to candidates who have a background in law, human resources and labour relations.

Director (Acting):
Prof. Nico Horn

Tel: +264 - 61- 206 3622
Fax: +264 - 61 - 206 3703