MRC’S  Mandate

In terms of UNAM statutes that created it, the MRC has the same status as a faculty. 
The mandate of the MRC is to:

  • Conduct and promote high level applied scientific research;
  • Support and coordinate the implementation and management of multidisciplinary research in national priority areas across UNAM in partnership with relevant with UNAM research units;
  • Promote and coordinate the implementation of specialized postgraduate research fellowships and capacity building in national priority areas;
  • Promote and coordinate the implementation and management of commercialization of targeted MRC R&D activities such as scientific research, product development, innovation, patenting and value addition;
  • Promote and coordinate the dissemination of MRC research publications and others outputs;
  • Carry out teaching and advisory services for the public;
  • Basic research and scientific inquiry is the domain of faculties.

MRC Vision

Be a national Center of Excellence in scientific research, R&D, innovation, value-addition and credible advisory services in order to contribute to the transformation of Namibia into Knowledge Based Society.

MRC Mission

To implement scientific research activities and programs that contribute to the development and mobilization of Namibian resources and expertise for national development.

MRC Strategy

To implement and carry out: applied research activities in priority areas; R&D; innovation, value-addition; commercialization of scientific knowledge; product development; human and institutional capacity building; teaching and advisory services to Namibia.

Research Divisions

MRC three Divisions:
Life Science Division (LSD)
Social Science Division (SSD)
Science, Technology and Innovation Division (ST&ID)

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