Dean: Prof. R.K. Auala
Deputy Dean: Prof. C.D. Kasanda
Faculty Officer: Mr E.L. van Wyk
Assistant Faculty Officer: Ms. E. Pienaar

Heads of Departments: see “Academic Personnel Below
Teaching Practice/In-Service Co-ordinator:
Ms A. Scott
Secretary: Ms. E.B. de Klerk
Principal Education Technologist:  
Mr R. Kamerika
Education Technologist:
Media Lab Technologist:
Mr R van der Colf

Advice to students: General enquiries regarding the Faculty of Education and qualifications offered by the Faculty, must be directed to:
The Faculty Officer

Faculty of Education
University of Namibia
Private Bag 13301


(061) 206-3978
(061) 206-3980

Matters regarding specific subjects or departments must be cleared with the relevant Head of Department.



Head of Department: Dr. H. Beukes

Associate Professor: Vacant

Senior Lecturers: Dr. H. Beukes: B.A(UNISA), B.A. Hon (UNISA),  PTED (U. Stell.) PhD (UWC), M.Ed (Pretoria)

Dr. R.K. Shalyefu-Shimopileni:
B. Ped. (UFH)B. Ed (UNISA), M. Ed (UMASS), Cert. in Public Admin. (Polytechnic), Cert. inDistance Ed. (UNISA), Cert. in HIV/AIDS Counselling, (UNAM), Ph.D. (PSU)

Ms. E. Brown: BA (UNISA), M.Ed. Adult  Education (Manchester); Adult Diploma (Manchester); PTED-Khomasdal College  of Education
Dr. A. Kanyimba
: H.ED, B.ED (UNAM), C.D.E.P;  M.Ed (Environmental Education (UNISA);MSc in Social Policy & Strategic Management of Sustainable Development (BOLOGNA-l’ITALIA), Ph.D.
Ms. L. Shaketange
: Dip.Ed, B.Phil, M.A Adult Education (Hull)
Dr. M. Hamunyela
: PhD (Pretoria, SA); M. Ed (Umea, Sweden); B. Ped (Fort  Hare, SA); HDTE (Umea, Sweden)
Ms. I Sechogele: (BA-Social  Work and Community Development/UNAM);(MA-Gender and Women Studies/ISS-Netherlands)

Dr. F. Beukes:


Head of Department: Dr. C.B. Villet

Professor: Vacant  

Senior Lecturers:
Dr. F.D.J. Engelbrecht: BA. Ed (RAU), Bed(Hon),,MEd (UNISA), Ph.D.(Stell)
Dr C.B. Villet
: BA, HED (UWC), BEd (UNAM), MEd, Ph.D. (Athens, Ohio, USA)

D.r C.N.Shimwooshili-Shaimemanya: B.A.Ed (NUL), MEd(Howard),Cert.Dist.Ed (UNISA); Ph.D.Science Ed(Florida Tech)
Mr. E.A. Zealand
: Teachers Dipl.Commerce (PenTech) Further Diploma in Education (Commerce) (UCT), B.Comm(UNAM), B.Ed(UNAM), Diploma in Economic Principles (London), Post-Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade (Maastricht), MSc Financial Economics (London)
Mr. C. Kazondovi:
BA (Wartburg College, Iowa), MA (Cedar falls, Iowa).
Ms. P. Shilamba: Cert. Language Edu. -Russian as Foreign Language (Moscow-USSR); Cert.-Population Dynamics and Development (Sir David Owen Population Center(Cardiff, Wales, UK); Cert.-Teacher Education(Umea, Sweden); Teaching Dipl.(Ivanova, USSR); Master and Bachelor of Arts Combined Degree (Moscow, USSR)

Dr. S.M. Iipinge: BA. Ed (Social Sciences and Secondary Education, Pre-Law Minor), Wartburg College, Iowa, USA 1995; MS (Master of Science in Curriculum and Instructions), Iowa State University, Ames, USA, 1998; Ph.D. (Education, University of Namibia), 2010

Ms. V. Nandago:

Mr. B. M. Chataa: B.A; HED; B. ED; M. ED

Ms. Christa Alexander:  PTD(Primary Teachers Diploma); HED(Higher Education Diploma); B.ED (Bachelor of Education); M.ED (Master of Arts in Education)

Mr. Allen M. Chainda:  HED (University of Namibia); B.Ed Hons (NorthWest University RSA); MPhil (Master of Philosophy in Higher Education), Stellenbosch University, RSA



Head of Department: Dr. J. Mushaandja

Professor: Prof. R.K. Auala: BA (Univ. of theNorth), PTC (OTC), MEd, PhD (Miami)

Senior Lecturers:

Dr. E.M. Amukugo:B.Sc. Soc. & Ed, M.Soc.Sc.Soc. Ed, Ph.D Ed (Lund, Sweden)

Dr. G. Likando: B.A., PGDE (UNAM) Med (Manchester), MA (Salford University, UK), Ph.D. (UNAM).


Dr. J.M. Lilemba: B.A. HED (Univ. of the North), MEd. (Manchester), Ph.D. (UNAM)
Dr. C. Brunette:
BA.Ed (Woodwork & Metalwork) (UPE) BA.Hons(UPE) ,BEd (UNAM) , MEd (UOFVS), Ph.D.(UOFS).
Dr T.C.K. Iijambo: Dipl. In Teach. Studies(West Sussex Institute of  Higher Edu.), B.Ed, M.Ed (Bristol), Ph.D. (Michigan state University).
Dr. J. Mushaandja:
HED(Sec),BEd, MEd (UNAM), Ph.D. (UWC)


Head of Department: Dr. D. Zealand

Associate Professor: Prof. C.D. Kasanda: BScEd (UNZA), MSc, PhD, (Wisconsin)

Senior Lecturer: Ms. M.C. Keyter: BscEd (Home Economics), BScHons, MSc(UStell)

Dr. H.U. Kandjeo-Marenga: BSc., HEDPG, BEd (UNAM)), MEd (Ohio), Ph.D (UWC)


Mr. N. !Gaoseb: BSc, HEDPG (UNAM), MEd(Ohio)
Dr. H.M. Kapenda
  BSc, (FortHare), PGDE (UNAM), MEd (Ohio), Ph.D(UWC)
Ms. P. Stergiadis
BA HED, BAHons (UP), M.Ed (UNAM)
Dr. D. Zealand
: HDE (Dower), B.ED, MEd (UNAM), Ph.D(Stell)

Ms. M. //Naobes: B.Ed (Unam), MA Linguistics for the Language Professions (Stellenboch University)

Mr. P.M. Mashebe: National Dip. Agric (Neudamm), Diploma Biology (Unam), HED (Potchestroom University), B.Ed Hon (NWU), MA - Sustainable Agriculture (University of the Free State)

Assistant Lecturers:

Mr. T.M. Dzambara: Licentiate Degree in Science Education - Math (Enrique J. Varona)

Mr. M. Mukwambo: Licentiate Degree in Education - Physics and Astronomy



Head of Department: Dr. M.L. Mostert

Professor: Prof. R.F. Zimba: BA (with Education) (UNZA), MSc(State Univ. of New York at Albany); PhD (Purdue)

Senior Lecturer: Dr.  M.L. Mostert: BA, HED (UOFS), BEd(UNISA), MEd (Bristol), Ph.D (Oslo)

Dr.A.D. Möwes: BA; BAHons; PGDE; MEd (UNAM), Clinical Child Neuropsychology (University of Jyväskylä, Finland), PhD (UStell)


Mr. J.U. Hengari
: HED-Sec;, Bed-(UNAM),Dipl. In Clinical  Child Neuropsycology (University.of Jyväskylä,, Finland); MPhil (Oslo)
Dr. C. Haihambo
: HED(KCE); Cert. in Teaching and Aids Pandemic (UWC), Bed-Hon (UNAM), MPhil (Oslo)
Dr. C. Chataa:

Ms. P.J. February
: PTD (Hewat), HED (UNISA), BEd (UNAM), Dipl. In Clinical  Child Neuropsycology (University of Jyväskylä, Finland); MEd (Oslo)

Department of ducation in Languages, Humanities and Commerce

Head of Department: Dr. S.M. Iipinge


Ms. E. Kirchner 

Mr. E. Zealand 

Ms. A.C.M. Coetzer: BA. Hon. (History) HED

Ms. V. Haukongo 

Mr. A. Zulu: Certificate in Mechanical Engineering; Teachers’ Certificate in Education; Bachelor of Education Degree; Master of Arts Degree

Mr. R.N. Sikabongo 

J.N. Sitwala 

M.M. Mutimani 

Mr. S.C. Chombo: HED SEC (UNAM), Bachelor of Education (Honours) (BEd (Hons) & Master of Education: General Education Theory and Practice (MEd: GETP) (Rhodes University: SA) 

Mr. L. M. Opperman 

Mr. R.J. Wittmann 

Mr. A. I. !Aibeb 

Ms. A.M.J. Balhao 

Ms. E. Kambonde: BA, PGDE, BA Honours

Ms. P. Muller 

Ms. S. Alexander: BA Hons (Afrikaans) and HED

Mr. S. Uakumbua 

Mr. E. Karumazondo: Certificate in Education; Diploma in Ethnomusicology; Further Diploma in Educational management and Leadership; B.Mus(Hons) Music Ed

Ms. I. Heyman –Van Wyk: BA. Degree; Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) 

Ms. R. Nel 

Ms. T.T. Negonga

Ms. E.O. Anyolo

Mr. J. Kayumbu

Ms. M.A. Shiweda

Ms. S.T. Nghiueuelekuah

Rev. A. Iita

Mr. I.A. Shipena 

Mr. S.G. Yakoop 

Ms. E.N. Shaanika

Ms. Reyers 

Ms. S.P. Nantanga

Ms. D. Hausiuku 

Ms. T. P. Iyambo 

Ms. M.J. Kekhani 

Ms. J.M. Linonoka 

Mr. G. Ngalangi

Ms. M. Shihako: ECP; HED; BEd.Hon; MEd

Mr. F. Mungongi


Department: Early Childhood Development and Lower Primary Education

Head of Department: Dr. K.R.H. Veii


Dr. K.R.H. Veii: B.S. (Psych., Michigan State University, USA); M.A. (Educ.Psych., Michigan State University, USA); Ph.D (Dev.Psych., University of Surrey, UK).

Ms. R. Junias: Certificate in Education, Reading, Writing and Learning in a Multilingual Context, (Hedmark University College, Norway); Teaching Diploma in Basic Education Grade 1- 7, Integrated Training Teachers Program (ITTP), (Umea University, Sweden); HDTE (Umea University, Teacher Education Reform Program (TERP), Sweden, National Institute-Education Development, (NIED) Namibia); BEd ( Hons),(Rhodes University); MEd (University of South Africa); Namibian Environmental Education Certificate Course. SEEN Project, (Rhodes University, Polytechnic of Namibia).

Mr. L.B. Masule: Education Diploma Primary (University of Namibia); B-Level University Certificate (Umeä University, Sweden); Higher Education Diploma Primary (University of South Africa); Higher Diploma in Teacher Education Post-Graduate (Umeä University, Sweden); Masters Degree in Teacher Education (Umeä University, Sweden); online Certificate in Teaching to Standards with New Technologies (Harvard University Graduate School of Education)

Mrs. O. Iileka: SED (VISTA University); DEAL (University of Namibia); HED [Cum Laude] (VISTA University); B. Ed [Honours] (VISTA University); M.Ed (Rhodes University)

Mrs. C. Sibuku: B.A. in Paedagogics University of The North ( South Africa); M.Ed University of Albeta (Canada) 1997

Assistant Lecturers:

Ms. T.N. Nghikembua: H.Ed Sec (Unam), B.Ed (Unam) 

Mrs. E. Potgieter: HED (Lower Primary); B.Ed (Hons) General Teaching and Learning

Mr. M. E. Kabende: HED (Sec.), Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education - RSA, B. Ed. Honours, North West University -RSA

Ms. L. Amakali: BETD in Lower Primary Phase (Ongwediva College of Education); Further Diploma in Learners with barriers towards learning (Rand Afrikaans University); BEd honours in Education Training and Development (Rand Afrikaans University)

Mrs. E. M. Mwala: HED Secondary (University of Namibia); Bed Hons (Rhodes University; MEd (Rhodes University)

Ms. K.N. Zwala

Ms. L.H. Feris

Ms. R. Poulton-Busler