Kingo Jotham Mchombu

Department: Information and Communication Studies

1.Name Kingo Jotham Mchombu
2.Tertiary Qualifications
  • PhD (Information Studies), Loughbourough University, U.K.,   1995
  • M.A. (Master of Arts in Education for Archives, Library Science and  Information Science), Loughborough University, U.K., 1979
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Librarianship, College of Librarianship Wales, Aberstwyth, University of Wales, 1975
  • BA (Literature in English and Political Science), University of Dar Es Salaam,  Tanzania, 1974.
  • 3. Current Position Professor and Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
    4. Campus address 340 Mandume Ndemfayo Avenue, Windhoek, Namibia. Block Y,  room Y 050
    5. Office Phone, Fax Phone: + 264 61 206 3801
    Fax: + 264 61 206 3806
    6.Email address(es);
    7. Short biography Prof Kingo Mchombu is a Tanzanian with over twenty years experience in the information and communication studies sector in Africa. He is a Professor and Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. He teaches courses on knowledge management, media and information studies research, and public and community information services. He is also involved in supervision of PhDs and Masters research students.   He has published extensively on knowledge sharing for development, rural development information needs, libraries and literacy and information and poverty eradication.  He is active in several research networks and discussion forums on Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) both at the international level as well as African level. ; Kingo Mchombu is active in a Knowledge Management Africa Forum sponsored by the Development Bank of Southern Africa. He sits on the boards of several national and international civil society organisations. He is on the editorial board of several international and African journals.
    8. Curriculum vitae  
    9. Recently Taught Courses
  • Knowledge Management
  • Media and Information Studies Research
  • Public and Community Information Services
  • Communication for Development
  • Strategic Management for Information Services
  • Marketing of information services
  • 10. Academic Interest and Expertise
    • Design of development information services
    • Knowledge Management for Development
    • Research project supervision and proposal writing
    • African Public librarianship  and change management
    11. Research and Publications Articles:

    Chanda, Mwansa, Mchombu, K and Nengomasha, C (2008) The Representation of HIV /AIDS in the Media and its Impact among Young People in Namibia: a study of Windhoek and Katima Mulilo.  Information Development, vol 24, no.3, p188-202

    Mchombu, K J (2007) Leveraging knowledge in higher educational institutions: conceptual and practical considerations at the University of Namibia. Namibia Development Journal, vol. 1, no.1,

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    Mchombu, K.J. (2003) Information dissemination for development: an impact study: In: Information Development Journal, vol 19, no 3 p111-126.


    Mchombu, Kingo J (2008) The Information Needs for Poverty Eradication in the Context of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at Grenwell Matongo in Katutura, Windhoek. City of Windhoek and Finnish Project Ruppel, O. ,

    Mchombu, K. and Kandjii-Murangi, I. (2008) Surveying the implications of violence against women: A perspective from academia. In: Women and Custom in Namibia: Cultural Practices versus Gender Equality? Windhoek: McMillan Education Namibia

    Mchombu, Kingo J and Cadbury, Nicola (2006) Libraries, Literacy and poverty reduction: a key to African development. London: Book Aid International

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    Chapters in Books

    Mchombu, Kingo J. (2007) Harnessing knowledge management for Africa’s Transition to the 21st Century. In: Librarianship as a Bridge to an Information Society in Africa. Edited by Alli Mcharazo and Sjoerd Koopman. [International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions] Munchen: K.G Saur,   (IFLA Publications, 124) p 15-46

    Menou, M and Mchombu, K.J (2004) Information Professionals and Disadvantaged Communities. In: Atuacao professional na area de informacao. Polis: San Paulo (In Portuguese)

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    Mchombu, K.J. (2001) Researching the Impact of Information on Rural Development. In: Knowledge, Information and Development: An African perspective.  Edited by C. Stilwell, A. Leach and Simon Burton.  Pitermartizburg: School of Human and Social Studies, University of Natal (research series 1).

    Mchombu K.J. (2000) Research on measuring the impact of information on rural development.  In: Information 2000: a vision for the SCESAL region.  Edited by J. Chisenga, A. Chitambo, and F. Onyango. Windhoek: Namibian Information Workers Association p. 105-114.

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    Conference Papers

    Mchombu, Kingo and Mchombu, Chiku (2007) Overview and information issues concerning the HIV/AIDS situation in Africa. Paper presented at World Library and Information Congress: 73 rd IFLA General Conference and council 19-23 August, 2007,
    Durban, south Africa.  accessed 22/10/2007.

    Mchombu, K J. (2005) What makes information a strategic economic resource: the role of librarians and other information professionals in Africa. Paper presented at the Fourth Meeting of the committee on Development Information (CODI – IV). 23-28 April, 2005. Held at ECA Complex, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    Mchombu, K.J. A communication for development framework for media: A review of coverage of HIV and AIDS.  Paper presented at MISA Conference on HIV/AIDS in the media, held in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, 10 September 2003.

    Mchombu, K.J Knowledge sharing for community development.  Paper delivered at 3rd Pan African Reading for a conference, Literacy Without Borders, 18-22 August 2003, Kampala, Uganda.

    Mchombu, K. Indigenous Knowledge Systems: education content and school librarianship Paper presented at 32nd Annual Conference of the International Association of School Librarianship and the 7th International Research in School Librarianship, Durban, South Africa 7-11 July, 2003.

    Mchombu, K.J. (1997) Networking, Resource Sharing, and Information Technology. In: Proceedings of Workshop on Electronic Networking and Resource Sharing in Namibia, 21-22 April, 1997.  Windhoek: NIWA.

    Mchombu, K.J (1997) Promoting access to environmental information: research on information dissemination to rural communities.  Paper presented at Workshop on Environmental Documentation and Resource Centre Network, organized by IUCN, 24-26 November, Safari Hotel, Windhoek.

    Mchombu, K.J. (1994) Researching Rural Information Seeking and Needs, Paper presented at Pan African Seminar on Information Provision to Rural Communities in Africa, 20-25 June, Gaborone, Botswana.

    Mchombu, K.J. (1993) African Information Services: the search for a role.  In: Proceedings of the Info Nova Conference, 3-7 May, Pretoria, p.1-16 (Keynote address).

    Mchombu, K.J. (1992) Communicating Development Information to Rural Communities in Africa: available options.  In: Proceedings of Workshop on Rural Community Library and Information Resource Centres, held in GIMPA, Accra, 23-37 September, 1991. Accra: Ghana Library Association and COMLA, p.62-70.
    12. Recent Professional Activities Facilitator in a Change Management Workshop for Tanzania Library Service, 2007. Gave papers around the theme of revitalization of TLSB.  
    In collaboration with City of Windhoek and Vantaa Public Library(Finland) carried out a study in Grewell Matongo, Katutura to establish information needs for poverty eradication, 2008.

    MISA Namibia – provided training to journalists on communication approaches  on sexual and reproductive health issues – June 2008.

    Ongoing research:

    Mchombu, K J. et al Information and Knowledge Management for Development (IKMD) Programme. A proposal submitted for a research programme to investigate knowledge management practices in the development sector. The team has funding from the Dutch Government and the study will take place in 2009.