Mr Robin Gregory Tyson

Department: Information and Communication Studies

1. Name: (Title , First, Last Names) Mr Robin Gregory Tyson
2. Tertiary Qualifications
(High to Low)
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  • M.Mus (Presentation of music on television), University of Cape Town, South Africa, 1984.
  • BA (Communication), University of South Africa, 1987.
  • B.Mus, University of Cape Town, South Africa, 1980.
3. Current Position Lecturer
4. Campus Address (Postal, Room No, Block/Unit) Main Campus, Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue, Windhoek
Block Y, Room Y136

5. Office Phone, Fax & Cell phone (optional)

Phone: +264 61 206 3194
Fax: +264 61 206 3806
6. Email  Address
7. Short Biography
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Mr Tyson has worked as a radio and television broadcaster at the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation since 1983.  He was responsible for a variety of programmes, including the introduction of phone-in programmes to the radio services after independence, including Chat Show and Open Line.  He was also principle television news anchor, and also presented programmes such as After Nine and Talk of the Nation.  Since 2001 he has been lecturing in the Department of Information and Communication, with an emphasis on media studies, and radio/television presentation and production in particular.  He is also the lecturer in charge of UNAM RADIO 97.4
8. Resume/Vita Post resume/vita document
9. Recently Taught Courses
(last 2 years- include course codes)
  • HISM 3511 Media Theories and Practice
  • HISM 3611 Media Laws, Ethics and Policies
  • HISM 3652 Specialised Reporting
  • HISP 3732 Advertising and Public Relations Campaigns
  • HISM 3771 Broadcast Writing and Production
  • HISP 2411 Principles of Public Relations Studies
  • HISP 2432 Media Liaison and Speech Writing
10. Academic interest/ expertise
  • Management of broadcasting
  • Broadcasting and Communication Policy and Law
  • Radio and Television Production
  • Media Content Analysis
11. Research and Publications
List of references/citations:
Title, year, place& publisher
(includes links to abstracts& UNAM Press)
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  • NBC TV coverage vs. The Namibian. Article for The Namibian newspaper.  6 May 2005.
  • African Media Barometer.  Article for The Namibian newspaper.  18 November 2005.
  • The Future of the NBC.  Article for The Namibian newspaper.  2 June 2006.
  • The Economics of Namibian Media.  The Namibian.  6 July 2007.
  • The Case for New Media – A report from Highway Africa 2007.  The Namibian.  21 September 2007.
  • Regional Disentegration.  SABA Conference Supplement.  September 2007.
  • The role of journalism in Namibia. Article for The Namibian newspaper. 7 March 2008
  • Mobile innovation and Oral Discourse. With A. Amupolo.  Article for The Namibian newspaper. 13 May 2008.
  • The South African media's (re) colonisation of Namibia GLOBAL MEDIA JOURNAL - AFRICAN EDITION Volume 2(1) 2008
Conference Papers:
  • World press freedom day – remarks delivered at a seminar held at the University of Helsinki, 3 April 2006.
  • Why image matters in the corporate world.  Presentation given to Roads Authority.  Friday 2 March 2007
  • Presentation Techniques.  Paper delivered to delegates at PRISA communication development programme.  10 October 2007.
  • The Namibian Media Environment.  Paper delivered to postgraduate students at the University of Helsinki.  14 February 2008.
12. Recent Professional Activities (last 2 years):
Training, Presentations, University Committees, Community Outreach, Professional Associations, Bodies &Public Lectures
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Chair: MISA Namibia
Board Member: Namibia Consumers Association
Board Member: Namibia Educational Radio Project
Board Member: Namibian Broadcasters

  • NSJ Train the Trainers Course.   Acted as co-facilitator.  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  14 – 25 March 2005.
  • National Society for Human Rights.  Workshop facilitator for ‘Talk Radio Production and Presentation’.  Course presented in Windhoek:  26 – 27 May 2005, April 2006.
  • The Church Alliance for Orphans.  Presentation given on media advocacy in Namibia.  Windhoek.  7 June 2006.
  • UNAM RADIO – training courses on presentation, music compilation, news writing and scheduling software: 2003 – 2009
  • Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL).Workshops given on educational radio programme development and script writing. 16 May 2008 – 23 May 2008. 
  • Africomnet – workshop presentation on Research Monitoring and Evaluation for Health Communication given on 17-18 July 2008.  University of Namibia: Windhoek.
  • One Africa TV – workshop given on TV newswriting.  8 November 2008.
  • BASE FM Katutura workshop facilitator: Radio presentation and writing. 24-28 November 2008.