Postgraduate Diploma in Translation


(Please consult the Faculty Prospectus for detailed information and references below.)


The aim of this programme is to train professional translators for Namibia. Because of its multilingual society, Namibia is in need of qualified translators. These needs are particularly acute in the field of science and technology, in the field of law, in the tourism industry as well as in the media (print as well as radio and television). Thus the University will be instrumental in filling an existing void.

Programme Co-ordinator: Prof. M Zappen-Thomson | tel. (+264 61) 206 3857 | E-mail:


To be admitted to the P.G.D.T. programme, a student must be in possession of a recognised Bachelor’s degree and/or proven relevant practical experience.

Subject to the general regulations of the University, applicants will be admitted to the programme only after successful completion of an aptitude test.


The minimum period of registration for the Postgraduate Diploma in Translation is one (1) year of full-time study or two (2) years of part-time study, including the equivalent of 360 hours internship. The internship can either be done during the academic year, or after completion of all the other components of the programme. A student will be awarded the Diploma only after successful completion of the academic components plus the internship.


Examinations will be conducted in the following year-modules:
- TMF 4110 Translation Mother Tongue – First Foreign Language
- TFM 4110 Translation First Foreign Language – Mother Tongue

Refer to D. Continuous Assessment and Examinations in the Faculty Prospectus.

Assessment in the other modules consists of continuous assessment only. No examinations will be conducted in those modules. Students will be advised on the compilation of continuous assessment marks.


The following year-modules are compulsory for all students:
TMF 4110 Translation Mother Tongue – First Foreign Language
TFM 4110 Translation First Foreign Language – Mother Tongue
TII 4111 Interpreting
TLM 4110 Language Studies Mother Tongue / National Language
TLF 4110 Language Studies First Foreign Language
The following semester modules are compulsory for all students:
Semester Code Module Title
1 TTP 4111 Translation in Theory and Practice
2 TSP 4112 Language for Special Purposes
The following module is an optional offering:
Code Module Title
TLS 4110 Language Studies Second Foreign Language