Mr Fritz Sackeus  Nghiishililwa

1. Name:

(Title ,Fist, Last Names)
Mr Fritz  Sackeus  Nghiishililwa

2. Tertiary Qualifications

(High to Low)

Note: Acronyms to be written out in full

University of Cape Town: PhD Candidate in Commercial Law,  from 2009 to date.

University  of  Warwick, UK :  LLB,  LLM , 1988 -1991;

United Nations Institute for Namibia, Lusaka , Zambia ,  1985 – 1987;

3. Current Position Acting Dean, Faculty of Law
4. Campus Address (Postal, Room No, Block/Unit)

Office – Y Block, Room Y -207

University of Namibia

Private Bag 13301

5. Office Phone, Fax & Cell phone (optional)

Office: 061-206-206 3622

Fax: 061-206 3703
6. Email  Address
7. Resume/Vita Attach electronic copy of your resume/vita

8. Recently Taught Courses

(last 2 years- include course codes)

Labour Law:  Common law principles of labour law; Sources of labour law; 

Dispute prevention and dispute resolution, Labour Act  and  International  labour standards;

•             Arbitration and conciliation

•             Mediation

•             Law of Contract

•             Administrative law and

•             Constitutional law
9.. Academic interest/ expertise

Labour  law

Constitutional Law  and

Administrative Law
10. Recent Professional

Member of the Law  Reform Commission ;

Activities (last 2 years):

Training, Presentations, University Committees, Community Outreach, Professional Associations, Bodies &Public Lectures

Note: Acronyms to be written out in full

Board  member  of the  War  Veteran;

Chairperson of the Committee on dispute prevention and dispute Resolution; and

 Faculty of Law  Management  Committee  member