Master of Laws (by Thesis only) (LL M)

The Faculty of Law offers a Master of Laws degree which shall be examined by thesis only in any field of law approved by the Faculty.

It is imperative that the information pertaining to the LL M (by thesis) be read in conjunction with the General Information and Regulations Prospectus.



a) In consultation with Senate, the Faculty Board shall appoint a Supervisor to advise and guide a candidate, whose research topic has been approved, and the candidate shall be required to work closely with the supervisor as Senate may direct.

The candidate, after consultation and in agreement with the supervisor, will submit a research topic of the intended thesis to the Faculty in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Faculty Board from time to time.

Faculty guidelines may prescribe the dates for the submission of research topic and proposals of the intended research, draft and final thesis, the format and deadlines to be observed in the process of preparation and presentation of the thesis.

b) In case there are grounds which, in the opinion of the Faculty Board are sufficient and reasonable, the candidate may be permitted to submit the thesis at a date as may be determined by the Faculty Board.


a) At least two months prior to the scheduled date for the submission of the thesis the candidate shall submit a written notice of his/her intention to submit the thesis to the Faculty Board through his/her respective supervisor.

b) The notice shall be accompanied by an abstract of between 300 and 400 words being a summary of the general findings and conclusions reached.

FINAL thesis

  • The thesis shall be accompanied by a declaration stating that it has not been submitted for a similar degree in any other University.

  • The thesis must contain an abstract of between 300 and 400 words being a summary of the general findings and conclusions reached.

  • Every thesis submitted shall be examined by at least two examiners, at least one of whom shall be an examiner external to the University.

  • The examiners shall be required to submit a detailed assessment of the thesis, and also write definite recommendations on whether the degree should be awarded to the candidate unconditionally, or whether the degree should be awarded subject to specified corrections/revisions being made, or whether the thesis should be referred back to the candidate for re-writing and re-submission, or whether the thesis should be rejected outright.

  • In case where the examiners of the thesis disagree in their recommendations the Faculty Board shall recommend to Senate the appointment of an additional independent examiner to serve as referee on the thesis.

  • Without prejudice to the examination of the thesis described above, the Faculty Board may require the candidate to make an oral presentation on the contents of or on a topic covered in his/her thesis.


Papers or publications extracted from a thesis submitted for a Master of Laws degree of UNAM must contain a statement acknowledging that the work is based on a thesis submitted to the University of Namibia.