Dr. Lischen Haoses-Gorases

1. Name Dr. Lischen Haoses-Gorases

2. Tertiary Qualifications

D Cur ( Nursing Science) UNAM ( University of Namibia)  1995

M Cur (Nursing Science), University of South Africa, Pretoria. South Africa 1989

B Cur Hon ( Nursing Science) , University of South Africa, Pretoria , South Africa , 1986

B Cur ( Nursing Science) , University of South Africa, Pretoria , South Africa , 1986

Diploma in Advanced Nursing Education and Community Health 1982, University of Western Cape RSA.

3. Current Position Dean (Senior Lecturer)
4. Campus Address

Main Campus, Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue, Windhoek

Block M, Room M213

5. Office Phone, Fax & Cell


+264 61 206 3200

+264 61 206 3022 ( fax)

0811 270 252 (mobile)
6. Email  Address lhaoses@unam.na or 2002@iway.na

7. Short Biography

Dr. L. Haoses-Gorases a Namibian by birth with over three years of experience in nursing education. Has been involved in education and training of nursing students for the past 28 years and with undergraduate and postgraduate students. Dr. L. Haoses-Gorases is a Dean of School of Nursing and Public Health for the last 7 years. She developed a programme on contemporary social issues and co-ordinated it for five years. Currently she is the member of National Council of Higher Education and a chairperson of the registration subcommittee of the council. She is also a vice-chairperson of National Coordinating committee on HIV Aids, TB and Malaria. She was also president of the Namibian Nursing Association(8 years) and president of the Namibian Planned Parenthood Association 5 years. Her interest area is researching HIV and Gender.
8. Resume/Vita Resume/vita document

9. Recently Taught Courses

Contemporary social issues USCI 3429

Knowing about HIV/AIDS CEH 1481

10. Academic interest/


HIV/AIDS Education and Research

11. Research and


Research, Consultancies and published reports

  1. Awareness on HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) among students of the University of Namibia
  2. Need Assessment of students at UNAM regarding HIV/AIDS support systems on Campus (2001)
  3. Workplace stress and fear among Nurses and Midwives in the age of HIV/AIDS in some of the state Health Care institutions Windhoek (2001)
  4. Tobacco smoking among UNAM students.  Behaviours, Reasons attitudes, awareness and knowledge of associate health skills
  5. Rapid assessment of current Injection Practices in Namibia (2004)
  6. HIV/AIDS behavioural surveillance survey on Condom us and condom needs (2004)
  7. MIDTERM review of the Second Medium Plan (MTP II) of the national strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS in Namibia (2003)
  8. Knowledge and sexual practices of University students in Windhoek Namibia.  An initial assessment as part of an awareness campaign diving the registration period
  9. Published abstract book volume “Break the silence” xiii International Conference in Durban (2000)
  10. People’s knowledge, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and experiences with voluntary non-remunerated blood donation Windhoek (2006)
  11. Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV/AIDS Awareness among students at the Polytechnic of Namibia (2005)
  12. Need assessment for training of health workers (nurses and Medical doctors) and Administrative personnel in HIV/AIDS-Home based Care and Direct observed Treatment strategy (DOTS) in the Otjozondjupa and Omusati regions:  Namibia (2006)
  13. Report on iway conducted:  titled “The health ameliorating benefits of Ganoderma Mushroom nutricentical on people living with HIV/AIDS in Namibia (2006)
  14. Research report
  15. Factors influencing non-adherence to anti-retroviral Therapy (ART) in Andara, Oshikuku and Rehoboth districts (2006)
  16. Midterm evaluation on CESTAS projects in Otjozondjupa and Omusati Regions (2008).

Conference papers

  1. Utilization of Health Information System (HIS) in Namibia.  Challenges and opportunities faced by the Health Care Delivery System:  International Workshop CODATA:  Pretoria (2005)
  2. Workplace stress and fear of nurses and midwives in the age of HIV/AIDS in the state hospital Windhoek by Africa American Institute in Windhoek (2004)
  3. Novel (method on epidemiology of Malaria and its control:  Presented at 35th Congress of the Parasitological Society of Southern Africa in Windhoek (2006)
  4. PARSA 35th Congress of the Parasitological Society of Southern Africa (2006)
  5. The economic situation in Namibia the fight against Poverty and its links to HIV/AIDS:  UN Agencies Conference in Windhoek (2001)
  6. A plight of Women at the Workplace:  Working for Pay 4th Scientific Biennale Conference of East, Central and Southern Africa College of Nursing (ECSACOM) (August 1996)
  7. Assessment of the needs of students at UNAM regarding HIV/AIDS support systems on Campus at workshop titled “The challenge for tertiary institutions in Namibia Windhoek (2003)
  8. HIV/AIDS situation analysis University of Namibia UNAIDS:  Namibia (2001) (contribution made)
  9. Status of Internalisation of education The case of other countries in the sub region at SADC workshop on Internationalisation of education. University of Namibia:  Windhoek (2001)
  10. HIV/AIDS in sub Saharan Africa-Presented at Summer School – Global Education Windhoek

Poster Presentation

Development of a Needs- and Competency Based Pharmacy Degree for Namibia at FIP Congress in Lisbon, Portugal in September 2010.

Oral and Poster Presentation

Rural Doctors Association of Southern Africa (RUDASA) in Swaziland August 2010.

Role and Impact of partners in Supporting Rural Health Care in Namibia.

Oral Presentation

Mechanism of Overcoming Challenges in health care financing in the Public Sector in Namibia at Global Business and Technology Conference at Mpumalanga. RSA, July 2010.

Poster Presentation

  1. Regression Model to help monitoring Youth, Sexworkers andTtruckDrivers against HIV and Aids from baseline survey data of Keetmanshoop and Ondangwa, Namibia. Durban HIV and AIDS International Conference 2008
  2. Paper presented by co-author at Northern Campus Research Workshop: “ Health Sector Decentralization implementation challenges in Namibia”.
  3. Authors: Dr. Lishcen Haoses- Gorases, Dr. Hoze Riruako, Dr. Marcus Gorases


  1. “Where there’s a will, there is a way “ “Nursing and Midwifery champions of HIV/AIDS Care in Southern Africa.  International Council of Nurses ICN-publication refereed
  2. “Assessment of needs of students at UNAM regarding HIV/AIDS support system on Campus”. Windhoek.
  3. “Survey on Awareness and knowledge of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s and HIV/AIDS) among UNAM students” on the 9th October 2000, Windhoek. (Abstract & Floppy disk)
  4. (Got missing when box with promotion material got lost)
  5. Tobacco Smoking among UNAM students: Behaviour, Reasons, Attitudes and knowledge of associated health risk.  Windhoek. (Published in NDJ – UNAM)
  6. An evaluation of quality of Nursing Care rendered to participants with intravenous infusion in Windhoek Central Hospital Complex.  Curationis:  Volume 17 No. 3
  7. Femidom:  A strong weapon for women in the age of HIV and AIDS.  Namibia Development Journal.  University of Namibia.
  8. (Submitted for final review NDJ- UNAM)
  9. Strategies for Permanent Access to Scientific Information in Southern Africa:  Focus on Health and Environmental Information for Sustainable Development (2005)
  10. Clinical and Immunological response of HIV/AIDS patients receiving Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) in Nyangana Mission Hospital in Namibia
  11. Mechanism of overcoming challenges i health care financing in Public Sector IN Namibia
  12. Authors: L. Haoses- Gorases, M. Goraseb
  13. Sent in for peer review for consideration for publication in Journal of Global Business and Technology.


  1. Health Sector Decentralization Implementation Challenges in Namibia.
  2. Authors: H. Riruako, L. Haoses- Gorases
  3. Published  (in printing process) (see attached)
  4. Regression Model to Monitor HIV/AIDS Control from Namibia Baseline  Data
  5. Authors: Verdiana Grace Masanja, Lischen Haoses- Gorases, Philbert Mugabo
  6. Development of a needs and Competency- Based Pharmacy Degree for Namibia”
  7. Authors: Sagwa Evans₂, L. Haoses- Gorases¹, G. Mazibuko₃, D. Mazibuko, D. Mabirizi₂, J. Nwokike₂, T. Brock₂. J. Lates₃, L. Durango₄, H. Bradley₄, M. Duwiejua₄, E. Woode₄, L. Smit ₄ and A. Streggachis₅
  8. ¹University of Namibia (UNAM), ₂Management Sciences for Health, Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (MSH/SPS), ₃Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS), ₄Independent Consultants, ₅University of Washington (UW), Email:easagwa@msh.org.na
  9. Research Paper:  
  10. Thirion-Naudé, H., Haoses-Gorases, L., & Goraseb, M.  2010.  Could maternal rubella-susceptibility be linked to the pathogenesis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in offspring?  Early Child Development and Care, (in press).  Research paper submitted on 10/09/2010
  11. Thirion-Naudé, H., Haoses-Gorases, L., & Goraseb, M.  2010.  Biochemicals implicated in atypical programmed foetal development:  implications for autism.  Early Child Development and Care, (in press).  Research paper submitted on 5/09/2010
  12. Thirion-Naudé, H. & Haoses-Gorases, L.  2010.  Looking inside – a documentary on the therapeutic applications of radiography in the Primary Health Care setting.  Namibian Ministry of Health:  Namibian Broadcasting Commission.  (Commissioned by the Permanent Secretary)
12. Recent Professional Activities
  • Dr. L.Haoses-Gorases appointed as Vice Chairperson of National Coordination Committee on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria (NACCATUM) for the next 2 years.
  • Appointed by Minister of Education as a Member of National Council of Higher Education (NCHE)
  • Chairperson of Registration Committee of NCHE
  • Dean School of Nursing and Public Health
  • Naccatum
web   www.unam.na