School of Nursing & Public Health

The Faculty has the mandate of preparing professionals and nurses for the Namibian health sector. It also renders services, especially in the domains of preventative and curative health.

In addition to the General Admission Requirements, candidates wishing to join the National Diploma in Radiography (Diagnostic) must have obtained a pass in Mathematics and in one Science subject. In addition to the General Admission Requirements, candidates wishing to join the Pre-Medical and Pre-Pharmacy Training degree programme must have obtained a Grade "C" on IGCSE (or its equivalent) in Mathematics, Biology and Physical Science.

international nurses day

Namibia commemorated International Nurses (IND) Day 2011 on 3 June 2011, with a theme: Closing the Gap: Increasing Access and Equity. The aim of this year’s theme was to strengthen understanding on issues of access and equity; identify barriers  and how nurses can increase access and equity to health care by addressing the social determinants of health such as socio-economic status, education, where and how people live. Community volunteers, health workers including student nurses have organized themselves to reach out to communities around Otjomuise Clinic with mobile outreach health services, where they were able to have a health check-up for blood pressure, diabetes, and receive health education on diet, etc. 

This year’s theme is especially relevant for Namibia. According to the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the country has approximately 12,000 nurses for a population of about 2.1 million. Also, while a number of public health facilities exist, (1,150 outreach points, 260 clinics, 44 health centres, 30 district hospitals and 3 intermediate hospitals, and 1 national referral hospital), the vastness of the country and the sparse distribution of the population poses serious challenges in accessing health care. In this regard, regular outreach services are becoming more critical than ever before. The public sector plays a dominant role in the provision of healthcare in Namibia





  • I solemnly declare that my ultimate responsibility as a nurse is to promote and safeguard the total well being of my clients, their families and the community at large.

  • My practice will be founded on respect for my client's humanity, dignity and individuality.

  • I undertake to treat my clients equally and will not allow that social, economical, political, religious or cultural differences influence the care I render.

  • To fulfil the needs of my clients, I will endeavor to understand and address it with compassion and empathy.

  • I accept it as my duty to protect the interest of my clients and to maintain professional secrecy.

  • I will comply with all moral, legal and professional standards in the execution of my duties and inspire others in achieving our shared vision.

  • Finally I pledge to maintain the highest level of knowledge and skills and to contribute towards the development of my profession.

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Ms. L. Prinsonsky
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