International Conference on Optics and Lasers Applications


The conference is organized by the Faculties of Science and Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Namibia, it is going to be held in Namibia's capital, Windhoek, from July 9 to 12, 2013.

Theme: Optics and Laser Technology for Social and Economic Development

Optics and laser technology is a fast growing technology, which has wide range of applications in all the branches of science and engineering. Optics and laser applications are used in medicine, agriculture, energy and mines, defense, computers, industries, and entertainments. Recently the University of Namibia started the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the northern campus in Ongwediva with the blessings of the Government of Namibia. The faculty is equipped with latest available equipment and technology in the world. The faculty has several departments and all the departments have highly specialized experts hired from all over the world. We wish to share the excellent existing facilities and expertise of UNAM with rest of the world to further advance the knowledge in the relevant fields of lasers. Therefore, we will organize an international conference on optics and laser applications (ICOLA2013) in 2013 from July 9 to 12, 2013, during the best climatic conditions of Namibia in Windhoek.

The main objectives of this program will be to:

  • Create awareness in optical and laser applications.
  • Promote optics and laser applications in Namibia.
  • Share and gain theoretical and practical knowledge, and
  • Contribute to the development of advanced research in optics and laser technology in Namibia.

Topics to be covered
Fundamentals of Optics and Lasers, Applications of lasers in all possible fields such as engineering, medicine, agriculture, energy, mines, defense, telecommunication, computers, industries, environment, and sciences, state of art Research in Optics and Lasers

Request for financial Support
The participants must find funds from their own sponsors to cover their travel and local costs. LOC will cover the local expenses for some selected participants and speakers. The selected participants and speakers will be informed by email or fax by 10th of June 2013 about their accommodation. The other participants may book their accommodation in Safari Hotel.

Local organizing committee

  1. Prof. Shyam Singh: Chair
  2. Dr. F Gideon: Co-Chair
  3. Dr. R Steenkamp
  4. Prof. F Kavishe
  5. Dr. C N Temaneh
  6. Mr. Marious Hedimbi
  7. Dr. B S Mapani
  8. Mr. A T Chatu
  9. Dr. H Mitonga
  10. Mr. P Mulunga
  11. Prof. J Akande
  12. Prof. F Adam
  13. Mr. E Ruhunga
  14. Ms. G Kahaka

Invited Speakers:

  1. Prof. Akhlesh Lakhtakia, USA,
  2. Prof. W Osten, USA,
  3. Prof. M Takeda, Japan
  4. Prof. P K Gupta from RRCAT, India
  5. Prof. Jayant Sirohi, USA
  6. Prof. D K Gautam, India
  7. Prof. Andrew Forbes, South Africa
  8. Prof. Ernest van Dyk, South Africa
  9. Prof. R S Sirohi, USA
  10. Prof. K Hinsch, Germany,
  11. Prof. Joris Dircks, USA