All prospective students must apply for admission to the University of Namibia on the prescribed form.  Application forms are available on request from the University of Namibia, and can also be downloaded from the UNAM Webpage:

The closing date for all applications is 30 September.


Step 1

Choose your course of study.

Step 2

Check if you meet the entry requirements for the course of study and also Faculty specific entry requirements.  If you do not qualify for degree / diploma programmes, ask about the UNAM Foundation Programme or any other certificate programmes.

Step 3

In this Undergraduate Student Guide, you will find an application for admission to be completed in full.  You are required to complete all sections and ensure that the declaration is signed and dated before submitting it to the address provided in step 4.

The following certified documents must accompany the application form:

  • a copy of your Grade 12 August Results (for Namibian students) or NSSC (O-Level) or NSSC (H-Level) or any  other equivalent school leaving certificate;
  • a copy of your Identity Card, Birth Certificate or valid Passport;
  • sworn translation of documents, if not in English; and
  • the prescribed application fee in the form of postal orders made out to the University of Namibia or deposit into UNAM Bank Account (First National Bank, Windhoek Branch, Account 55500057621).  A copy of the bank transfer or deposit slip with full name of prospective student should be attached to the application form.

Note: International students should note that only School Leaving Certificates or confirmation from the relevant Examination Authority stating that certificates will be issued during the first year of study, will be accepted.

Step 4

Please forward all of the above to:

The University of Namibia

Attention:  Office of the Registar

Private Bag 13301



Step 5

All applicants whose application forms are received by the University of Namibia will receive an acknowledgement letter.  All successful applicants will receive a letter of provisional admission from the University.  The Office of the Registrar will provide all provisional admitted students with a package including registration dates, information on registration and tuition fees, orientation programmes and a reminder to submit all original documents on the day of registration.              

Step 6

All provisionally admitted students are requested to register on the specified date as indicated per Faculty.  Please note that you may forfeit your place or will be charged a late registration fee if you fail to register on the date allocated to you.



According to the Immigration Control Act of 19 August 1993, all International students (SADC and Non-SADC) should be in possession of a valid approved Study Permit and Visa before entering Namibia for the purpose of studying.  All prospective and senior students are required to apply for a Study Permit and Visa on the           prescribed forms obtainable from the University of Namibia or at the Namibian Embassy in your country or the nearest Namibian Embassy. 

Only persons with permanent Namibian Residence, Refugees or Asylum Seekers and Diplomatic representatives are exempted from applying for a Study Permit and Visa.  The mentioned categories are exempted on condition that they provide the relevant documentation (i.e. Permanent Residence Permit, approved and endorsed Refugee / Political Asylum Seekers status, a Courtesy Visa which confirms diplomatic status) to the University of Namibia.

Study Permits, Work Permits and Tourist Visas are not interchangeable.  Kindly note that should you be in possession of a work permit, you will still need to apply for a study permit if you are offered provisional  admission to the University of Namibia.  It is not allowed to enter Namibia on a visitor’s visa in the hope of filing an application for a study permit from within Namibia.  All applications for study permits should be submitted and issued before entering Namibia.

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